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Specialty Seal™


CG Counter Guard™

CG Counter Guard creates an invisible barrier of defense against common stains from water, oils, grease, wine, coffee, foods and more! For use on any outdoor entertainment area including countertops, benches and work surfaces.


DG Dual Guard™

Recommended for high traffic or commercial areas, this specialty sealer provides dual protection + enhancement for many different surfaces. Use on vertical or horizontal applications.


RWX Retaining Wall X-treme

This penetrating sealer is specifically designed to protect vertical applications such as retaining walls against damaging effects of water intrusion, deicing chemicals, freeze/thaw and road spray.


2PX Two Part X-treme

Specialty Seal™ 2PX Two Part X-treme™ is a concentrated water-based urethane, eco-friendly, UV resistant, low/no odor concrete sealer. 2PX protects surfaces from abrasion or chemicals, and can provide a color enhancing or high-gloss finish depending on mixing ratios. This commercial sealer is great for high-traffic areas and can be used on new or existing projects.


SGX Stain Guard X-treme

Specialty Seal™ SGX Stain Guard X-treme™ is an invisible/natural-look penetrating sealer. It is used to protect and seal any commercial or high traffic area. It protects surfaces against stains such as grease and oil while making the surface easier to clean. It also protects against the damaging effects of water intrusion, acid rain, deicing chemicals, freeze/thaw exposure, airborne dirt and smog. It is easy to apply and retains the original appearance of surface.


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"It is the only adhesive we sell for retaining wall installations, and it is preferred by all our hardscape installers.  I also want to mention the wonderful service we receive from the SRW Products staff.  It is a pleasure to do business with your company and lo ...

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