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Specialty Seal™


CG Counter Guard™

CG Counter Guard creates an invisible barrier of defense against common stains from water, oils, grease, wine, coffee, foods and more! For use on any outdoor entertainment area including countertops, benches and work surfaces.


DG Dual Guard™

Recommended for high traffic or commercial areas, this specialty sealer provides dual protection + enhancement for many different surfaces. Use on vertical or horizontal applications.


RWX Retaining Wall X-treme

This penetrating sealer is specifically designed to protect vertical applications such as retaining walls against damaging effects of water intrusion, deicing chemicals, freeze/thaw and road spray.


Minnesota-based SRW Products, a national hardscape products and accessories supplier, has …

Published 11/10/17, 10:25 AM

Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive No bracing. No mortar. No kidding! Click here to see the pr…

Published 8/12/16, 5:04 PM

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"R.C.P. has been buying material from SRW for about 15 years. In the time I have been dealing with SRW all of the products we have bought have been top of the line and have had no job problems with." ...

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