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Paver Seal Tips: Considerations Before Sealing

May 19th, 2014

By SRW Products

SRW Products is committed to your success. Follow this post for tips on getting ready to seal your paver project to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. If you have questions, our product managers and customer service specialists are THE BEST in the industry. Call us toll free at 1-800-752-9326.

Allow polysand to set completely

Before sealing, wait at least 28 days after installing polymeric sand to ensure joints are completely dry. Proper compaction is very important for obtaining optimal joint strength. 

Make sure you have the right tools.

Start the project at the highest elevation point. A 2-person application is recommended: one to spray and one to roll. 

Sealer Sprayer

It is important to apply the sealer with a high quality sprayer to ensure an even coat.

Either of our sprayers will work great when using Paver Seal Penetrating (PS), Penetrating X-treme (PSX), and Low Gloss (LG) sealers. Our Hudson Acetone sprayer is recommended for use with Paver Seal High Gloss X-treme VOC (HGX VOC) sealer. Our Hudson Spray Thick sprayer is recommended for use with Paver Seal High Gloss (HG) and High Gloss X-treme (HGX) sealers. Learn more about our sprayers here. 

Slit Foam Roller

Follow the sprayer with a slit foam roller to ensure that the sealer is evenly distributed on the surface. Make sure the sealer doesn’t pool in joints or on the surface.

Use an SRW Slit Foam Roller to ensure the roller remains spongy and won’t compress. It is also an excellent choice for use on textured surfaces, and is recommended for use with any of our SRW sealers.

Consider the forecast.

Recommended temperatures for sealer application is between 50–80°F. Do not apply if rain is in the forecast because sealers must be allowed to dry/cure for 24 hours after application. 


Test surface to be sure pavers are dry.

Before applying sealer, it is best to test a small area first to be sure pavers are completely dry. To test the surface, apply a layer of sealer and wait 15 minutes. If sealer remains white, the pavers may still have moisture inside. Allow pavers to dry fully before proceeding with the entire sealer application. 


Protect your investment with SRW Products. Ask for it by name wherever you shop for hardscape products and accessories


SRW’s New Website

Jul 30th, 2013

By admin


SRW Products is excited to release an updated website!  Within the new website we ask that you read our “About Us” section; here we happily report how we’ve become the leader in the hardscape industry.  Another great section of the new website is the products tab; this contains valuable information whether you’re a homeowner, contractor or distributor.

Lastly, we are excited to keep you up to date with our “New Products” section; here you will find the latest and greatest from SRW Products!

In addition to the new website, that’s not all that’s changed.  Over the last year SRW Products has been working on rebranding.  We hope you are becoming familiar with the refreshed SRW look and feel.  Our logo has changed, but our superior products continue to provide a reliable level of satisfaction!