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Paver Seal Tips: Prepare the Surface

May 12th, 2014

By SRW Products

SRW Products is committed to your success. If you have questions, our product managers and customer service specialists are THE BEST in the industry. Call us toll free at 1-800-752-9326.

A thorough general cleaning of all your pavers before sealing is key to ensuring the best bond between paver and sealer. Follow this post to find the right product for your pavers. To help ensure your success, we’ve also included some helpful user tips for each product.

White rings before and after SRW Products EF Paver Clean EFFLORESCENCE

This cleaner dissolves efflorescence (white mineral deposits) and polyhaze (white cloudy appearance) to restore natural paver color.


  • Ready to use. No need to dilute.
  • Use prior to sealing.
  • Before and after cleaning, rinse vegetation and other surfaces near paver surface.
  • Easy clean-up! Just rinse with water.
  • Use standard watering can for easy application.
  • Wait 24 hours before sealing.

Hazy pavers before and after SRW Products PW Paver Clean PAVER WASH

PAVER WASH is a MUST-USE product for sealer preparation. It tackles ground-in dirt, polyhaze, and efflorescence, then prepares paver surface for best bond with sealer.


  • Use prior to sealing to open pores for optimum bond with sealer.
  • Works great on multiple surfaces including pavers, retaining walls, and masonry.
  • Ready to use. No need to dilute.
  • Easy clean-up! Just rinse with water.
  • Use a standard watering can for easy application.
  • Rinse nearby plants before and after application.


Protect your investment with SRW Products. Ask for it by name wherever you shop for hardscape products and accessories 


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