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SRW’s New Website

Jul 30th, 2013

By admin


SRW Products is excited to release an updated website!  Within the new website we ask that you read our “About Us” section; here we happily report how we’ve become the leader in the hardscape industry.  Another great section of the new website is the products tab; this contains valuable information whether you’re a homeowner, contractor or distributor.

Lastly, we are excited to keep you up to date with our “New Products” section; here you will find the latest and greatest from SRW Products!

In addition to the new website, that’s not all that’s changed.  Over the last year SRW Products has been working on rebranding.  We hope you are becoming familiar with the refreshed SRW look and feel.  Our logo has changed, but our superior products continue to provide a reliable level of satisfaction!

Why Use SRW Adhesive

Jul 1st, 2013

By admin

adhesive family_1

SRW Adhesive provides a professional strength bond, ideally used for retaining wall applications.  When building a retaining wall it’s not necessary to put adhesive on each row of block.  Generally speaking, retaining walls would only need SRW Adhesive to securely bond the retaining wall caps.

SRW Adhesive has been around for 24 years; that’s not the only reason why people use this product.  It’s versatile and can be applied to pavers, block, masonry, concrete, aluminum, steel and most common landscaping materials.  Not to mention, it works better on wet and frozen surfaces than any other brand on the market.  It’s simply the highest performing product of its kind.