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Installing Vertical Hardscapes Just got a LOT Easier!

Aug 12th, 2016

By SRW Products


Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive

No bracing. No mortar. No kidding!

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Introducing an all new adhesive technology designed specifically for vertical hardscape applications: Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive. It’s making headlines because it’s the first and only adhesive designed specifically for vertical applications.  It works incredibly fast, securing stone and other materials to surfaces in under five seconds. In most cases, no bracing or mortar are necessary – making installations much easier. You’re going to love how it saves you time and money on vertical hardscape jobs. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Click here to watch the demo video

VIL Promo Demo


This is a game changer.

That’s because it actually works – far outperforming polyurethane- and silicone-based adhesive products. Save yourself valuable time and money on your next vertical hardscape job by eliminating the need for mortar and the expense of hiring a mason. You’ll also find that bracing is no longer necessary in most cases.

With low odor, this product works well for both indoor and outdoor applications. The strong permanent bond is resistant to the effects of UV rays, weather and water – providing long lasting strength for all your vertical hardscape projects and repairs.


  • Stone
  • Brick, block and pavers
  • Veneer
  • Dry stack
  • Glass & ceramic tile
  • Metal
  • Wood


Contact us today to find a local dealer in your area that offers Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive.

SRW PAVERMATE — Expert Engineering

May 18th, 2015

By SRW Products



PAVERMATE ChemicalEngineering WithBag

We’ve engineered our sand to so you won’t have problems that are common with other brands. You’ll spend less time fixing problems and more time doing what you do best—creating hardscapes that last. Switching to SRW PAVERMATE is a simple change—but it can bring you increased income, more satisfied customers and better referrals. Ask for SRW PAVERMATE™ by name. Click here to find a dealer near you! 

What our Advanced Polymer Technology™ means for you:

Advanced Polymer Technology

    • NO hazing
    • NO residue
    • NO staining
    • NO washout
    • NO ants
    • NO weeds
    • NO tracking
    • NO cracking
    • NO flaking
    • NO peeling


“SRW’s PAVERMATE polymeric sand is of the highest quality and at a great price. I have been using polymeric sand products for about 10 years and PAVERMATE is one of the best on the market. We have been getting great feedback from our contractors and homeowners since switching to PAVERMATE. I would highly recommend it or any of SRW Product’s high quality materials.”  —Shawn, Quarry Brothers, Inc.

Easy Installation

Our expert engineering trickles into every aspect of your experience with SRW PAVERMATE polymeric sand to help you avoid the potential pitfalls. Watch this short video to see how to make installation easy and worry-free.

Installation Video




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