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Base Replacement



HexaBase™ replaces 6 to 8 inches of compacted crushed stone. This not only saves you money by reducing material needs, but also the additional time it takes to excavate & haul away that additional material. And if you don’t have excavating equipment of our own, you’ll save a lot of time, money & headaches by using HexaBase.


Ultra Drive 3D™

Ultra Drive 3D™ Three-Dimensional Driveway Grid Driveway grid that allows for reduction of base excavation and fill up to 50% in poor base soil. It's easy to install and conforms to standard guidelines for paver installation process.


Cold weather is here and the hardscape season may be winding down, but SRW Products® is re…

Published 12/4/19, 2:34 PM

Minnesota-based SRW Products, a national hardscape products and accessories supplier, has …

Published 11/10/17, 10:25 AM

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