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Reinforce Your Profits!

Simply and affordably add incredible strength to concrete with reinforcement fibers from SRW Products. Order by 2/28/15 to:


Use promo code "RebFlyer."

SRW Fibers—So Strong They:


  • Replace Rebar, Welded Wire Mesh & Mats
  • Cut Project Time & Labor Costs in Half!
  • Reduce Fiber Dosage by 50%
  • Save Big on Material, Storage & Shipping

Minnesota-based SRW Products, a national hardscape products and accessories supplier, has …

Published 11/10/17, 10:25 AM

Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive No bracing. No mortar. No kidding! Click here to see the pr…

Published 8/12/16, 5:04 PM

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"SRW PAVERMATE polymeric sand come in great color options, I especially like the granite grey that blends well with most pavers.  Also, the fine sand fits in the tightest of paver joints." ...

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