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Reinforce Your Profits!

Simply and affordably add incredible strength to concrete with reinforcement fibers from SRW Products. Order by 2/28/15 to:


Use promo code "RebFlyer."

SRW Fibers—So Strong They:


  • Replace Rebar, Welded Wire Mesh & Mats
  • Cut Project Time & Labor Costs in Half!
  • Reduce Fiber Dosage by 50%
  • Save Big on Material, Storage & Shipping

Cold weather is here and the hardscape season may be winding down, but SRW Products® is re…

Published 12/4/19, 2:34 PM

Minnesota-based SRW Products, a national hardscape products and accessories supplier, has …

Published 11/10/17, 10:25 AM

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Thought you’d like to hear ... I was catching up with a friend who makes a living flipping houses and does his own remodeling. SRW came up and he couldn’t stop complimenting Vertical Instant Lock. Said he was having big issues with another brand that caused two ...

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